Karma of Coding

Software coding is one of the most interesting, thought provoking and satisfying jobs around. Software programming allows oneself to express himself/herself and can be a poetry in motion. Software programming can be like a fine wine or a cup of wonderful filter coffee or garam masala chai, as the taste may suit. Beyond the rosy realms of this, lies the dark underbelly. It’s also often abused and performed with utter disregard.

For the lovers of the art, software programming goes beyond being bread and butter. It’s a form of expression of individuality and within the defined confines of the society (read Coding Guidelines), provides a canvas to paint a masterpiece. When I talk about Software Programming, I am not talking about obfuscated programming or advanced object programming. I am old school, simple C programmer.

One breed of programmers pride and indulge in the mastery of the art. They live and swear by the quality of the code written by them and any bug discovered in their module is nothing short of public chastisement. More often than not, few bugs will be found and critical issues or rather fundamental issues will be an extreme rarity. Viewing the code visually itself makes a pleasant reading as this school believes in ample code documentation and alignment. Reading the code is like sipping very fine red wine, whose taste enhances with every sip.

One can’t comprehend the reasons behind a bad code. Just how can any code be bad? But, the ugly truth is, this extreme also exists. I wonder the root causes behind this phenomenon. Reading such a code is test of patience and one needs a large supply of it coupled with a truckload of caffeine to drown. Pity, we are subjected to this endurance test. Makes one wonder, just what it takes to write good code?


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