Karma of Coding Part-II – Architecture

Over the weekend, I had been on the road visiting places in and around coastal, south-central Karnataka. Driving back from Dharmasthala to Bangalore, I happen to visit Belur and Halebid temples, which stand for architectural superiority and finesse in the craft.

Belur and Halebid temples were built by the Hoysala Dynasty and remind everyone of the architectural splendor of the years gone-by. Numerous articles have been written by subject-matter experts and I don’t intend to either pretend or try to be one. I would definitely advise everyone to pay these temples a visit and experience the visual treat that was created centuries ago.

When I was swifting through the numerous sculptures and carvings, there were only 2 emotions that were running high. One of despair and disappointment about the destruction caused by invading raiders (and some modern day fools) and other of utter amazement. Amazement at the precision and technical detailing of the entire complex!!

In Software, we use the word architecture and a plan (Detailed Design) is drawn up to encapsulate the end-to-end details of the entire software project. Scaling this to a larger scope of a system, a system design is drawn up, where each sub-system is encapsulated into a module. Imagine that the same was employed centuries ago, wherein the entire plan or index was drawn up on a pillar!! WOW, that’s the blend of art and science for you.

Each one of these complexes have been painstakingly detailed and built to very fine precision. If one feels the sculptures physically, one can appreciate the extreme details and craftsmanship that went into creating these individual masterpieces. To capture the Dashavathara, Rama-Ravana Battle and other snippets of Hindu mythology requires extreme care and precision and I am not sure, if we can ever replicate the same even with the aid of computers.

IMHO, the artisans of this era gone-by lived by the very passion for their craft and swore by the same. The value system of living up to one’s reputation pushed people to greater precision and ultimately, greater heights and subsequent glory. Which begs a question: Is it possible to leave a legacy behind in software design and coding?


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