Quality Coding

In Embedded systems, the quality of the software product is of primal importance. Software by virtue of being software often gets neglected from a validation perspective under the garb of providing patches. This argument is not for the field-deployed product-grade software, but during the lifecycle of product development. God forbid, if any issues are found in field-deployed software, one shudders at the ramifications of the same.

Having spent a decade in this industry and being part of different organizations with varied processes, practices and methodologies, I intend to capture my experience or rather my interpretation of software quality through a series of blog posts. My focus is very limited to embedded systems, specifically mobile computing and hence, is a drop in the vast ocean of software. The idea is to capture some general principles and occasionally delve into specific examples to explain the concepts. I sincerely hope that some of these posts are useful and trigger useful debate and discussions that would benefit the developer community to some extent.

All suggestions, comments, recommendations, corrections and brickbats are welcome. Please do take sometime to comment on the articles posted as part of this series.


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