Personality: Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Today, the light of knowledge, compassion and unity has left the earth towards a higher plane of spiritual residence. Words can’t describe the void left behind the force that was Sathya Sai. I am dumb-founded and this is the vent for my feelings. I don’t expect this to be a normal blog post, but to be a reflection of the loss that defines today.

Balvikas translates to the development of child or rather development of children during their formative years. Having been part of this movement for 10 years of my formative life, I can safely say that whatever I am today in whatever form, Sathya Sai Baba definitely has had an influence on the same. Through Balavikas I was inculcated into the folds of religious tolerance, unity, love and compassion towards one and all and spirituality. Not being an advocate for any specific religion, but for religious tolerance and harmony, Sri Sathya Sai Baba represented a force who could truly unite the fractured society that we are.

Whether he was truly divine or not is beyond the point. He was a man par-excellence and whose teachings are really relevant in this turmoil that our society finds itself in. If we need to respect this wonderful individual, we should imbibe his teachings and work towards a better society and more tolerant one at that.

For me, the loss is double. Today, I have lost the 2 gurus of my life born on Nov 23. Few years back, my mother born on Nov 23 passed away and today, the divine force has left this materialistic world. Nov 23 will be etched into my life and I am speechless…

My humble pranam, respects and tears at the feet of the enlightened. May your soul rest in peace….


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