Announcement: Frequency Mismatch

Lately, I have been focusing on jotting down some programming tit-bits and been more C-programming oriented. However, the purpose of this blog is to be more than a technical dump of what I have seen in my industry. This blog is intended to be a “Running Commentary of life as I see it“. Hence, with this focus and re-alignment, I would like to announce a new category of posts called “FREQUENCY MISMATCH

In Frequency Mismatch, I would like to reflect upon life’s paradigms, the world as it enacts this life and the basic constructs of human mind and ethics. This is definitely not a moral science class though it may appear to be so, but a more introspective look at life’s vagaries and how we humans respond to it.

The idea of the posts in this category is definitely not to pass judgments or be prescriptional, but be inward looking, fact-finding and finding the middle path. I would like to request all you kind hearted people who read my posts, to leave a comment or two and contribute to the discussion. I will definitely include all the posts in follow-on posts and try to provide my perspective about the same.


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