Technology – Boon or Bane???

Very cold and misty monday morning..Having put my pot of tea to boil, I settle down with a laptop to check my emails and inadvertently I land up on one of the more famous social networking sites.. Presto!! I have some b’day alerts, some people have shared some very beautiful pictures and someone’s had a kid recently.. I too adhere to the ritual, click on a few likes and few leave a few wishes and congratulatory messages…

The pot is yet to boil, but my mind seems to have gone into an overtime boil.. After exiting that place, I feel a void, an incomplete, incomprehensible, personal empty feeling. Is this the way the world is shaping up? Is Technology meant to connect people or alienate people? What is the real purpose of the connected world technology?

A few generations back (read a few years ago .. not more than 5 years), we used “call” friends on a wonderful invention called the mobile phone.. Chat for a few mins… If someone had a baby, call up, land up in the hospital, cuddle the little angel from god, load up the room with flowers and presents… Catch up with someone from an earlier life.. This was fun… Now… sit in one remote corner of your home (maybe sitting on the toilet for all I care) and send some customary robotic messages… Yuck… this sucks…

Where did the personal touch go??? Loading up videos, photos on these sites helps to show that something is happening… but if there is no human touch.. it doesn’t matter if my friend is next door or on the moon..The distance between us is constant.. One Click!!!

The only feeling left out is aroma which I guess is not too far away from being digitized. I have a vague remembrance that the same was achieved and I guess it’s waiting for an explosive launch and subsequent adoption.. Guess one can smell the aroma of a pickle from Gandhi Bazaar in Bangalore sitting in Alaska, US. Wow Mom… you sure have made some wonderful pickle.. Smells great… Click.. done…

Honestly, I may be from a very ancient old school or maybe I am growing old…But I still prefer the human connection.. if we can’t take 5 mins of our life to wish our friends on their joyous occasions or be with them physically in their moments of despair.. I guess we have failed as human beings.. God created man to spread his message of love and compassion… I sincerely hope it’s not to click..

Technology is meant to aid  a human being and not drive them apart. It should enable a blind person to experience a world that he/she may not have the chance to do so. It should enable a kid sitting in a remote village to know what is happening half way across the globe in Michigan, US. It should give an opportunity for a lot of not-so-privileged people to aim and lead a more comfortable life. The biggest example that one can see is in India. The socio-demographic change imparted by the technological revolution has made a lot of lives much better than one could have imagined, say a couple of decades ago.

The choice is ours… wonder which one we will Click…


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