Vroom.. Vroom… Vroooooooooom..

Well.. The first of many more posts to come.. I thought why not combine the biggest passion for anyone.. Bikes and my passion.. Pens.. Here’s presenting..


Maker: Waterman

Model: Harley Davidson Horizon Red

Type: Ball point pen

Packing: Harley Davidson Tank prototype

Writing Experience: A bit heavy on the hand. When tested on a excel bond sheet, the writing is pretty decent, but one can feel the scratch of the nib on the paper. For those who prefer smooth writing, one might find this a tad “different”. Personally, I felt the pen was more comfortable for flowing cursive writing as compared to an open separated style of writing. One minor observation. During fast writing, the lines aren’t complete. If written slowly, all edges and lines are fine, but when written in normal writing speed, some lines are incomplete.

Bottom-line: Decent writing experience (if you don’t mind the weight), Harley Davidson.. This beauty is definitely a collectible.


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