Daily Carry Pen Cases

To carry these wonderful, exquisite and expensive instruments of writing, one needs to have a dedicated pen carry case. These are typically termed as Pen Cases or Pen Carry Cases and come in various flavors ranging from a case for a single pen to multiple pens, sometimes up to 6 pens. Not to be found very easily and not being in vogue, these cases could be hard to find. Luckily for me, I could find a good pen case in William Penn.

Imager: Image

Maker: Pennline

Model: Chamois Pen Carry Case

Packing: Gift Box

Experience: This is a very comfortable pen case to carry up to 3 pens.The pens are fully covered and when closed, the pen case is very attractive to flaunt. To remove a pen is seamless and I feel the experience depends on the clip of the pen as much as the pen case.

Bottom Line: If you love your beauties, you ought to get one of these. I compared quite a few products (mostly on eBay) and found this to be a reasonably priced product with good quality. At less than $20 price tag, this is definitely worth a buy!!


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