German work-horse

Any connoisseur of pens would love to have something which works from the word go, is ultra-smooth, feels good in hands, has the feel and charm of a fountain pen and can be trusted over long periods of time. A pretty steep requirement for pens.. well.. there is one pen which fits the bill to the T. Presenting.. the red German work-horse..


Maker: Lamy

Model: Safari (Red) – Medium (M) Nib

Type: Fountain Pen

Packing: Simple card-board box

Writing Experience: Oh.. this is poetry in motion. One of the USPs of this pen is it’s ability to start and go even after a vacation. It just flows on paper and allows the user to just write and write and write.. and keep writing. Once started, it is very difficult to keep this pen down. The design is very ergonomic and can fit into any hand with ease. My pen has a M nib which draws some extraordinary curves and lines I have come across. Currently, this pen is filled with Lamy Turqoise Ink and man, does it write or what..

Bottom-line: This is definitely a MUST on every fountain pen lovers’ list and can be a good pen to start off with some serious writing


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