Red Beauty

What one uses on a daily basis is based on lot of factors, the most important of which is the feel and comfort in one’s hand. Not all pens can be daily carry pens, whereas some pens are eternal favorites. Presenting one such favorite of mine… the Red Beauty



Maker: Sheaffer

Model: Gift 300 Collection 9315 – Medium (M) Nib

Type: Fountain Pen

Packing: Gift Box

Writing Experience: The phrase “cuts through butter like a hot knife” aptly applies to this wonderful writing instrument. The writing experience is simply exemplary and flows through the paper as if the pen is waltzing over the paper. The ink flow is simply beautiful and provides an unbroken and wonderful letters on the paper. A bit heavy on the hand, sans it’s cap is a wonderful pen to write. Priced at a modest price, this is definitely one of my favorite pens.

Bottom-line: Do I even need to write one.. Of course, this is definitely a keep. Being moderately priced, this is a dream come true and is on my daily carry list.


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