Indian Fountain Pen Industry

After being extremely proud of my so-called impressive FP collection, I embarked on a journey to figure out what is happening within India. To my surprise, Indian FP industry is thriving and has a humungous global fan following. After some reading and searching around, I came across a list of impressive Indian fountain pens which I have listed below.

1. Ratnamson Pens by K.V. Ratnam Ballpen works

2. Deccan Pens by Abids

3. Guider Pens

4. Gama Pens by Gem & Co

5. Nostalgic Chelpark Pens

6. Ever-green Camlin and Hero Pens

7. Wality Airmail Pens

8. Serwex Pens …

These beauties will be part of my collection shortly. I received my guider pens and inked them up.. Man, they really are beauties.. Watch out this space for more on the pens and the way to order them


Memories.. Oh sweet memories

Yesterday, I took a trip down the memory lane as I made my way in to one of the oldest parts of Bangalore, Avenue Road. For those who are familiar with Bangalore, this area presents the unique opportunity of buying almost anything at wholesale rate.. Well, my objective was to find if I could find any beauties in this area amongst the myriad of shops here..

A bit disappointed so to say, I couldn’t find too many Indian Pens.. A candid conversation with one of the shop owners gave an unique insight into the state of affairs w.r.t. fountain pen in Bangalore.. Or better known as “ink pen”… Apparently, since the children have the flexibility of using any type of pens, the demand for fountain pens has reduced drastically..almost to a trickle.. The thorough gentleman was very passionate.. “These days the kids’ handwriting is pathetic.. you compare your handwriting and your kids.. where are we heading to???

Well.. I didn’t return empty handed.. I did manage to find some nostalgic pens.. Camlin Vacuum Pens and my eternal favorite,Hero Fountain pens…specifically Hero 329..and some real gems.. INKS… I found my long lost love.. BRIL Royal Blue Ink.. and Chelpark Inks..

Presenting the true Indian beauties which the whole world seems to be adoring….


Watch this space for reviews of these pens and inks in a future date…Tell me, what is your favorite school time pen and ink???

Prepped, Inked up and Ready to go

Ok.. here is my latest collection and the my daily use pens which have been prepped, inked up and are ready to go.. I have now moved to specific inks for my pens and have graduated from using one ink to a premier ink like “Private Reserve” with specific shades for different pens..So here’s my collection:


(L to R)

Pelikan Classic M205 Black Silver Medium Nib with Private Reserve Sherwood Green ink
Pilot Prera Brown with Medium Nib with Private Reserve Chocolat ink
Lamy Studio 67 with Lamy T57 Turquoise ink
Pilot Vanishing Point with Private Reserve Daphne Blue ink
Sailor 1911 MF Nib with Private Reserve Velvet Black ink


Ink test for my latest pens and their specific inks


Nibs of my latest pens..

Watch this space for the reviews of the individual pens and the inks..