Bedazzling Indian Pens

For a Fountain Pen lover, I think it is fair to say that India presents an unique opportunity to gift themselves a lot of pens which are highly cost-effective and absolutely wonderful. In the recent past after some reading, I was fascinated with the amount of history of each of these pens, the uniqueness of these pens and more importantly, the absolute adoration for these pens in US and other countries outside India.

So, I embarked on my journey to collect these masterpieces of my great country, India. Starting from Avenue Road in Bangalore to eBay, manufacturers to retailers, I had quite a fascinating journey and built some wonderful relationships along the way. And Oh! .. I did buy quite a few pens. The latest additions added an Indian tadka flavor to my existing collections. So, here’s presenting my Indian Collections


Presenting Left to Right,

1. Camlin Kokuyo Green Vacuum Sleek

2. Camlin Kokuyo Teal Vacuum Sleek

3. Hero 332 Green with Golden Cap

4. Hero 332 Red with Golden Cap

5. Hero 332 Black with Golden Cap

6. Chelpark Sona Classic Maroon

7. Chelpark Sona Shiny Black

8. Serwex 1362 FP (which is actually a gift from a vendor)

9. Guider Acrylic  Blue

10. Guider Acrylic Red

11. Guider Acrylic Pink-Orange

12. Wality/Airmail 71JBD Jumbo Black Acrylic Eyedropper FP

13. Fellowship Supreme Jumbo Indian Eyedropper FP

14. Wality/Airmail 69T Blue Clear Acrylic Eyedropper FP

15. Gama Kuyil Custom-made Matte Black Ebonite FP

Some more pictures to enjoy


Watch out more for interesting stories on each of these pens shortly.. Tell me what do you think???


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