Mission Accomplished…

As the saying goes, “Third time lucky“.. I was trying to find out shop called Meenakshi Stores on Avenue Road, Bangalore about whom I had read quite a few reviews.. I had tried twice earlier and failed.. This time, I found the shop thanks to a lot of support from my friend on FPN, Mesu.

I made some nice purchases and increased my collection (Sigh!.. as if that’s news).. My new additions to the collection include Swarna Ebonite Pens (another Indian brand that’s popular), Scripter Pens, an Airmil Piston Filler and an Oliver Exam Piston filler. My new beauties are


L to R: Airmail 77RD Piston Filler, Scripter with a Parker-like Clip, Scripter Marbled Orange ED, Swarna Medium, Swarna Big, Scripter Marbled Brown ED, Baoer 8 Horses Piston Filler & Oliver Exam Clear Piston Filler

I inked up 4 of them, some with Indian inks like Chelpark and Bril while some others with international brands like Private Reserve and Noodlers. The current set of inked pens are


Well.. after inking the pens up, can I hold back writing about the same.. So I wrote this note with the new pens..


The final verdict is, while I have to use some of the pens more, Swarna Pen is an instant hit.. It’s absolutely comfortable in hands, wonderfully amazing to write.. Baoer 8 horses is a wonderful pen…

Tell me, what you think of my new additions??.. Do drop in your thoughts..


4 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished…

    1. Hi Sanay,

      Are you still looking for swarna pens? I heard that they were going out of circulation due to production issues. I have a friend who may be able to help out.

      Let me know if you are still interested.

      Happy new year,


    1. Hi Harikrishna,

      Sorry about the very delayed response. You can get it through MESU in fountainpennetwork. I know the person and I can put you in touch if you are still looking for the same.



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