What’s new… What’s Cooking…

Yes.. Exactly.. What’s new.. What’s Cooking.. I can’t keep keep on adding new pens to my collection as it has a direct impact on my wallet… I am answerable to other shareholders @ home also :P.. So I decided to improvise

This week I decided to create something new.. Create  a new shade of ink… I mixed up Noodlers Dragon Napalm and Noodlers Borealis Black (20 ml: 8 ml approx.) and this is what was created..


Of course, there were a couple of Pen Additions..

1. Pilot Cocoon Titanium (M) Nib – Inked and sample above in the note

2. Ratnamson No. 302

3. Wality 69B Black Piston Filler.

The last 2 are courtesy of my good friend from Fountain Pen Network (FPN)/ FPGeeks, Mesu, who has a great collection of Ratnamson, Swarans, Guiders etc.. Do check out her collection



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