Gaata Sauda

Title means Profit-Loss which unfortunately is an integral part of every human’s life. Creation of Balance Sheet is of foremost importance to every business and usually, year end or financial year end stock taking is pretty common.

Last few years, I have been working on financial stock taking in December where I compare my projections versus actuals and try to analyze where I did good and where I missed. Of course, every new year starts with a bunch of feel-good grandiose resolutions which fizzle down by the time calendar changes to Jan 20th.

2015 was no different and started with a bunch of resolutions.  I am yet to analyze where I stand vis-a-vis with my resolutions, but have a feeling that this year has been much better than the previous one.

So, while I embark on this journey of balancing my finances, I am doing something different and trying to balance life. What !!! I know.. I can expect the reaction. Well, I have been thinking on a lot of aspects about life, it’s harsh realities, the way it unfolds and the reasons for the same.

Life is all about different profits (happiness) and losses (sadness). Why not balance it too??? So, in a series of posts tagged “year-end“, I plan to share my experiences and musings of life as I see it..

Thoughts, Debates, Suggestions, Bits, Bytes… everything is welcome..


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