In the previous post, I did mention about CSR i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility fast becoming an integral part of corporates. There are numerous laws being passed to ensure that all business setups are mandated to contribute to the society.

2015 marked the kick-off of CSR formally in AMD. It’s not that we didn’t have CSR activities earlier. Before I delve into the activities of this year, I would like to highlight one activity in 2014.

Being the benefactor of a few organizations, it had been my dream to fund school kids’ education. An opportunity presented itself in 2014, wherein our colleagues came up with a plan to sponsor school kits for a few under-privileged children. Taking a lead on this along with my good friend and our HR partner, Smitha, we set out on a collection drive for the sponsorship. With some push, we were able to gather sponsorship for 100 kits, which at that time, I felt was a great milestone. Until I found out that our colleagues from Hyderabad had beat us by a large margin. Competition apart, it was really heart-warming that we are able to make such a difference.

AMD India got it’s first CSR champion in 2015 in the form of a truly motivated individual, Nehal Shah. Knowing him for past 6 years, I knew that the drive and focus required for this activity was something that was natural to him. We had multiple activities in the last quarter and here is a snapshot of what we have been able to achieve in the last quarter of 2015.

AMD tied up with United Way of Bengaluru to channelize the CSR activities. Through this connection, there are a couple of activities that have been kicked off this year.

Vidyaranya Trust

Vidyaranya Education and Development Society (VEDS) has been working on areas of destitute children, differently abled children, destitute women and old age people. We attended a program kick-off where our colleagues entertained the inmates. After a formal kick-off, we participated in the activities which were sponsored through AMD’s CSR activities and an excellent lunch hosted by the trust.

  • Candle making
  • Paper Cover making
  • Broom making

Some pics from this very wonderful experience..

Pic 1: Discipline was very evident in the facility and this picture proves it beyond words.

Pic 2: AMD Colleagues engaging with the inmates

Tree Plantation – SayTrees

AMD celebrated a global volunteer day which was celebrated in Bangalore too. Together, we planted 150 new trees through SayTrees, that will provide shelter and restore some amount of greenery in the ever-increasing concrete jungle. Some pictures from this amazing and a little tiring experience

Pic 3: AMD Volunteers ready for Tree plantation drive
Pic 4: Everyone is listening with rapt attention to the instructions
Pic 5: CSR Champion Nehal Shah leaving his imprint as a proof of participation

Women’s Empowerment Program – Triveni Nagar, K.R. Puram

Continuing our engagement with United Way of Bengaluru, the next activity was the launch of a Women’s Empowerment Program. This was definitely a learning experience for a lot of us, wherein a local money lender herself suggested that all women should become self-reliant and self-sufficient. Pretty amazing.. Some pics from the event..

Pic 6: AMD Volunteer Muthu and our inspiration leader, Jay Hiremath

Pic 7: Jay and Prathewsha from AMD Women Forum sharing the dias

Chennai floods was an unexpected calamity and the way we have responded is an inspiration in itself. This deserves a separate post which will be next from me. Watch this space..


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