Chennai Floods – Personal Experience

In my previous post, I did write about my experiences with Chennai floods and what we did as a team in the company. While this was a great learning experience with some tremendous team effort, I had a surprise in store at home.

Being a busy-bee and discussing about the Chennai floods at home got my kids interested. I told the impact of the devastation it had caused and shared some images with them.

My kids’ school started a drive to collect material, clothes and other essentials. The first surprise was the ease with which they gave their old unused clothes that were washed and preserved without batting an eyelid. We were pleasantly surprised and sent a silent prayer to the almighty.

The best was yet to come. When the circular about the essentials came, I wanted to test the resolve of my daughter. She is a very stingy lady who doesn’t part with the money that she has saved over years. I told her that she can buy stuff as long as she is ready to fund it.

Bam !! On my face, she gives me a princely sum of Rs. 500 out of her collection. We bought stuff for Rs. 645 (rest funded by dad) and split across the sis-bro combo and was delivered to school today.

My kids are one heck of rockstars and I am damn proud of them !!! Of course, I am also happy that they are able to relate to the condition of the needy and identify that we should be giving to help the needy.. Great start.. Hoping that the same trend will continue in future.. Fingers Crossed..


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