Chennai Floods – Professional Experience

Chennai and coastal Tamil Nadu saw nature’s fury in it’s most raw, unhindered and pristine glory. The devastation caused to lives was beyond comprehension and the cities were damaged beyond comprehension. This dance of gore by mother nature caught everyone unawares.

Disturbing times call for immediate action and this was pretty evident in the way some of the eminent citizens of Chennai responded to this natural calamity. Though a lot of people were involved, the major drivers were RJ Balaji, Actor Siddarth, Singer Chinmayi and many more such Tollywood personalities.

All these incidents forced us to take some action and man, did we take or what?? AMD CSR team launched a collection drive to collect funds and deliver the necessary essentials to a NGO or better deliver it ourselves. From the onset, we were very clear that we didn’t want to take the easy way out of just paying the money to some NGO.

We were lucky that there were multiple people who had very important information that could aid us in our planning. Ganesh Gopalasubramaniam (GG) had taken a lead ahead of us and visited Chennai and affected areas already with his friends. His experience was very crucial in deciding our course of action.

We came up with Packs viz., Grocery Pack, Health & Hygiene Pack, Combo Pack and Ready to Eat pack, each conveniently designed to be Rs. 400 and solicited sponsorship for the same. I have to admit that I was very apprehensive initially and shared my concerns/initial targets with our good friend from HR.

Man, was I ready to be surprised?? AMD Family opened their hearts and wallets and showered us with a lot of donations. I would say that even though the number of donors was small, the total collection was a wonderful tidy sum.

Next stop, buying these materials and ensuring that the same reaches the needy. Six of us took on the onerous task of buying stuff from our packs in bulk and ensured that every single paisa was utilized most efficiently both from donors’ perspective as well as the recipients. Today, 14th Dec 2015 was a momentous day when we were able to buy a lot of stuff and deliver the same to the NGO. All our purchases were handed over to Goonj, who are doing some commendable job in ensuring that contributions are handed over to the needy.

Special mention to the entire team:- Nehal Shah, Rupa, Ganesh (GG), Shoeb and Uday, while Sree, Muthu and Deepak were with us in spirit.

This is truly our humble contribution and we certainly hope that it makes a small difference in the lives of those who unfortunately had to bear nature’s anger.

Some pics from our exhausting yet satisfying experience.



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