Stocks: Lost opportunities of 2015

In 2015, I had some good buying opportunities which I didn’t utilize and landed up loosing some profit making scenarios. Of course, I had my reasons for the same. This is a reminder to take action when possible to avoid such pain points in future.

Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd

Emotionally connected as this was my first job, I follow Sasken closely as fundamentally it’s one of the better small cap IT company. Known to be a good dividend player, I was holding some stocks at 190 and liquidated around 230. I was planning to re-enter around 220, but didn’t do so. Currently, this stock is trading at 380 with a 52 Wk high of 419. Of course, not to forget Rs. 7.50 dividend in FY15 thus far. Definitely on my radar to buy in future.


I got this as a suggestion from a friend at Rs. 42. Currently, this is trading around 420 i.e. a jump of 10x. I didn’t take this seriously as I didn’t analyze the company and hence, felt I should wait a little more before I invest. Now I wonder..

Tata Sponge and Tata Motors

I was very tempted to buy when stocks were correcting and reached their 52 Wk lows. An upswing of Rs. 100 in each stock would have given some good cash quickly. However, I didn’t want to be a momentum player and hence, avoided. Tata Motors definitely on my radar to buy in future.

Tree House Education

A darling of research houses, I was watching it correct pretty badly in Nov-Dec. With concerns on promoter holding and now subsequent merger with Zee Learning, I was very apprehensive of jumping on this bandwagon. Of course, if I had bought during the correct phase closer to 140, I could have a made a good Rs. 30 (20%) profit in a month’s time. Again, I wanted to buy into fundamentals and steer away from speculation.


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