Mutual Fund Portfolio: Feb 13 2016

Equity Funds

  • Axis Long Term Equity Fund (ELSS) 11%
  • Franklin India Prima Plus (Large & Mid Cap) 13%
  • ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Fund (Large Cap) 25%
  • IDFC Premier Equity Fund (Mid & Small Cap) 28%
  • Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (Mid & Small Cap) 1%
  • HDFC Mid-cap Opportunities Fund (Mid & Small cap) 2%
  • Tata Balanced (Balanced) 18%
  • PPFAS Long Term Value fund (Value Fund) 1%
  • Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 (Multicap Fund) 1%
  • Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund (Multicap Fund) 1%
  • HDFC Childrens’ Gift Fund – Investment Plan (Balanced) – To be invested


  • Funds with Name in this color indicate a direct investment online from the AMC
  • (Genre) indicates the market cap/genre of the fund
  • The number of funds are high as they map into my goals as part of my overall portfolio planning

Selection Criteria:

  • Sites of research: ValueResearchOnline, MorningStar
  • References: Mint50, FundsIndia Select Funds
  • Prefer Funds with more than 10 years of track record
  • Funds in top 5 of 3 year, 5 year and 10 year (if applicable) are part of my portfolio
  • Some new funds like PPFAS, Motilal Oswal have been selected for their unique offering

Debt Funds

The following debt funds are part of my portfolio as part of my emergency fund. This is one space which I will be updating more in the near future

  • Birla Dynamic Bond Fund – Growth
  • Birla Sunlife Floating Rate Fund – Short Term Fund Plan
  • Franklin India Ultra Short Term Bond

I plan to add some Income, MIP plans in the near future. I plan to write another post on debt portfolio soon.


9 thoughts on “Mutual Fund Portfolio: Feb 13 2016

  1. i just started reading and knowing about MF and stocks from DEC 2015. and then started to invest in MF. right now my investments are as follows.
    1. AXISlong term equity – 25%
    2. ICICI prudential value disovery – 25%
    3. TATA balanced fund – 25%
    4. Franklin india Bluechip – 25%

    next i am planning to invest in some small & mid cap.
    can you please tell me how is my investment.. good or bad… or need any improvement.. please suggest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Personally, I think your choices are excellent and spot on. The funds are fantastic. Please do continue your investments. Have you shortlisted any Mid-Small cap funds? Some suggestions are Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund, HDFC Midcap opportunities fund.. I have personally invested in them for your reference.


      1. thanks.. for the reply… i had shortlisted SBI Small & Midcap Fund & Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund. but now its not possible to invest SBI.. so now finalised on Franklin… but is it the correct time to start invest.. or any other suggestion.


  2. Anytime is a good time to invest. Please don’t time the market. However, if you consider the market levels, it has corrected quite a bit from the highest levels. So, it is definitely a good time to start investing. You can watch the market on Monday and then start investing.. Good luck !!!


    1. I am happy that it was helpful to you. I am happy to note that you have mapped your goals to your MF investments. This is really good news.
      If you require any further information or help, feel free to ping me.


  3. Ganesh sir.. need one more suggestion from you regarding my MF investments. right now i got all my funds direct- growth. as i told you earlier now i want to invest in Franklin.. smaller companies fund.. but should i go for growth option or dividend in this fund… which do you feel better..please give me your suggestions if possible with reasons.. thanks in advance


    1. My suggestion is always simple – Go for GROWTH fund. Dividend option has multiple complexities. Dividend is suitable only if you are dependent on that. From our conversation, it is apparent that you are very far from that.

      Next, Dividend taxation is different. Another important aspect is that you should be very careful about selling your units under dividend. Though you may be genuinely sell after a dividend as received, if you claim loss, it could be construed as Dividend Stripping (

      Lastly, please check the budget provisions. If your dividend exceeds 10 Lakhs (which I hope will happen one day), then you will be taxed for it.

      Instead GROWTH keeps it simple. If you hold for more than 1 year, it’s LTCG and tax free. Keep it simple.


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