Equities: Portfolio & Watchlist – March 2016

Portfolio Holding as on Feb 27 2016


  • Sun Pharma 20.97%
  • Infosys 17.39%
  • TCS 17.34%
  • NMDC 10.65% (Dividend: Rs. 9.50 per share)
  • Coal India 8.25%
  • REC 6.46% (Dividend: Rs. 12 per share)
  • Castrol 4.46%
  • Tech Mahindra 4.21% (New Addition: Bought from the payout of Infra Bonds)
  • Kaveri Seed 3.74%
  • Larsen 3.36%
  • PNB 2.80% (Added some position to average the cost price)
  • Axis Bank 0.37% (New Addition: Bought from REC Dividend)


  • ONGC 39.09%
  • HDFC Bank 25.51% (Addition to average the cost price – Infra Bonds Payout)
  • Hexaware Tech 18.96% (Dividend: Rs. 2.40 per share)
  • Ambika Cotton 11.22%
  • Vinati Organics 4.78%
  • ITC 0.45% (New Addition: Bought from Hexaware Dividend)

As I captured in an earlier post, I have shortlisted the following stocks for SIP strategy. Please note that this SIP is over and above my normal investments.

SIP Portfolio:

  • HDFC Bank
  • ITC
  • TCS
  • Larsen

I wanted to added Infosys to this list, but I will add to my current list separately.


  • Aurobindo Pharma
  • BHEL
  • SBI
  • Sasken
  • Zensar

Comments/Thoughts/Feedback are welcome.. Share a byte or two 🙂



9 thoughts on “Equities: Portfolio & Watchlist – March 2016

  1. Ganesh ji, SIP works in an environment where the security keeps moving up. Like a recurring deposit. There is no point trying that in a volatile instrument. If you try that in a monotonous stock like HUL or other FMCG names, the results will be awesome.


    1. Debt Free PSU, Good Dividend Yield, though profits are in negative ROE still grew at 21% over last 10 years.. Over a long horizon, this is one PSU which one can consider to hold

      BTW, I am waiting for more correction before I can enter


      1. I am going thru its balance sheet in Moneycontrol. It has lot of cash and all forms of debt is only 20% of that cash. The current assets are about 1.8 times the current liabilities but it has lot of contingent liabilities. What is that number? It far exceeds the current assets. Any idea?


      2. Contingent Liability is a forward looking liability for which the company has provisioned for. This is based on some potential events like pending litigation in court, income tax or service tax notices or other similar legal proceedings. Please note this is applicable only if that event comes to pass and is not necessary that it will happen.


  2. i am new to the equity investments… i just strarted investing in MF from jan 2016 onwards… now i want to invest in the stocks. but many said its very difficult to understand and invest in stocks… but freinds everything has to be started from zero and then we have to keep learning and improving. so i may need all your help to get started. so please let me know, how can i start…


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