Stocks Portfolio: Mar 31 2016

Financial year requires some serious introspection into my overall investment and how the same lines with my proposed philosophy captured in an earlier post. Overall, it has been a good year of investment and March saw a whole lot of dividends raining in. Dividends were reinvested into either other stocks or invested into MF.

Combined portfolio as on Mar 31 2016 stood as below:



2 thoughts on “Stocks Portfolio: Mar 31 2016

  1. My name is Kshitiz Gupta and I started investing in direct equities recently. I happened to see your portfolio and felt very reassuring since I co-incidentally happen to have many of the stocks similar to your’s although not in the same proportion . Makes me feel good. I have recently become a paid member of paulassest advisory. Also reading ‘The intelligent Investor’.


    1. This is wonderful Kshitiz.. Congratulations on your first steps in stock investing.. Paulasset is a good advisory. Though I am not a subscriber, one of my friends is and generally, I have heard good feedback about them.

      Please do visit this blog at times. I will be updating the same pretty regularly mostly at a week’s cadence. Do share your views and comments.


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