Mutual Fund Portfolio: May 15 2016

Continuing from the other updates on stocks, I would like to present my current mutual fund portfolio.I have added 2 new funds into my list viz., HDFC Balanced Fund and ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund as the vehicles to build up my retirement corpus. Till the end of last financial year, we were investing into VPF.

However, with the given confusions and subsequent signals from different authorities, I felt it was best to be invested into equities and manage my risks than to depend on VPF which may get taxed at later point of time or requires one to take annuity.

Given this situation, we decided to invest our VPF contribution into these mutual funds as part of retirement planning.

Without much further ado, presenting the updated MF portfolios:


  • Axis Long Term Equity Fund 9.38%
  • Franklin India Prima Plus 9.22%
  • Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund 3.18%
  • HDFC Balanced Fund 3.58%
  • ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Fund 18.88%
  • IDFC Premier Equity Fund 21.93%
  • PPFAS Long Term Value fund 5.56%


  • HDFC Mid-cap Opportunities Fund 2.70%
  • Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund 4.29%
  • Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 4.29%
  • Tata Balanced 14.93%
  • ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund 2.07%

Feedback/thoughts/suggestions are most welcome


3 thoughts on “Mutual Fund Portfolio: May 15 2016

  1. Thanks for regular updates on your portfolio. This gives beginners like me to understand right/wrong choice. Any particular reason to add HDFC Balanced fund instead of a pure equity fund?


    1. This fund was chosen to be replacement for VPF which is pure debt. Hence, I wanted to balance my risk as well as have the relevant growth to be closer to what VPF would have given and chose Balanced Funds. In Balanced funds, I chose to go with HDFC Balanced.

      P.S.: In my wife’s portfolio, similar VPF contribution was routed to ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund which is an equity fund. So we have tried to cover bases while giving scope for growth.


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