Mutual Fund Portfolio: June 25, 2016

On the mutual fund side, there was not too much action except continuing the investments as planned. The only notable exception was that I topped-up my investments in a few funds to take advantage of Brexit. As of writing this, I have exhausted all additional funds and hence, not in a position to take any further advantage on further mayhem in the markets on Monday/days to come. Hopefully, I may be able to get some interesting opportunities when salary comes around 🙂


Comments/Suggestions/Feedback are most welcome…

NOTE: This doesn’t include a couple of debt funds which is part of my emergency fund corpus.


Stocks Portfolio: June 25, 2016

Well, it has been many days since I updated my portfolio. June has been a very active month thus far and current political turmoil is giving umpteen opportunities to add positions or increase existing investments in stocks that are fundamentally strong. Moreover, the dividends announced as part of Q1’16 results have started trickling in which helps to swell the overall investment kitty.

This month, we did a bit of a churn in the portfolio. I booked some profits in existing counters and added new stocks or fortified existing stocks. Some notable changes are captured below:

  • Self:
    • Exited L & T, DHFL, Gulshan Polyols
    • Added positions in Tata Motors – DVR (mainly serviced through dividends), Bharat Forge and Sintex
    • Increased existing positions in INFY, Aurobindo Pharma and Torrent Pharma
  • Spouse:
    • Exited Sasken, Reliance Defence
    • Increased existing positions in Ambika Cotton

The updated portfolio has been color coded to reflect the same: Yellow for increase in existing stocks and Green for new additions.


Comments/Suggestions/Feedback most welcome…

World Environment Day

Well, I am a firm believer that we don’t require special days to use our common sense. However, general perception is that unless a fancy is attached with a cause, no one will notice. Given this premise, on this august occasion of world environment day, I have a few thoughts / suggestions on how we can do our bit to the environment, which in turn feeds back into us.

1. Thou SHALL enable e-statements for all Bank, Credit Card, Mutual Fund and any other financial transactions.

2. Thou SHALL NOT take a print of transaction in an ATM unless absolutely necessary (like an outstation different bank ATM just for safety)

3. Thou SHALL plant atleast 2 plants in a pot whether it’s an independent / rented house or apartment. A small amount of water and 2 mins of time is all that’s required.

4. Thou SHALL CARRY cloth bags / jute bags / Old plastic bags when you go for shopping and shall avoid buying new plastic bags.

5. Thou SHALL walk close distances or cycle if you can and avoid taking out the car especially for shorter distances.

6. Thou SHALL try and maximize the use of public transport or METRO or company provided transport as applicable.

7. Thou SHALL segregate waste i.e. separate bio-degradable and plastic/paper/cardboard waste. The latter waste can be recycled and what’s more you get paid for the same.

8. Thou SHALL maximize the use of LED bulbs and avoid older bulbs to the maximum possible extent.

9. Thou SHALL buy appliances with good power rating with minimal impact on environment

and lastly..

10. Thou SHALL pass on this message or add to the same..

Happy World Environment Day !!!