Dividend Yield – FY2016-17

As part of my financial year clean-up, I had captured all the dividends received over last 1 year i.e. 01-Apr-2016 to 31-Mar-2017 and analyzed the performance of my portfolio vis-a-vis with the same. Last year, I had written that March usually showers dividends and this year was no different.

Having PSUs as part of my portfolio helped to get a nice small but tidy sum as dividends through out the year. So, here goes my review:

Dividend Yield for self portfolio (core + growth) : 2.08% as compared to current investments.

Some of the stocks have been removed as part of churning and new ones have been added. Without getting too statistical, I just took the overall dividends received and divided the same with my current investment.

Specifically on the stocks that I hold, REC and COAL INDIA have been the major stars, but IOC and INFY are some very wonderful silent performers. Snapshot of the dividend yields of different scrips vis-a-vis their investments is as below:


A similar analysis on my spouse’s portfolio shows a net dividend yield of 1.64% over current investments. ONGC and HEXAWARE turned out to be the major contributors to the dividend.


Suggestions/Comments/Feedback is most welcome.


4 thoughts on “Dividend Yield – FY2016-17

  1. Looks like neither your dividends or the growth target achieved this year, in spite of a good gains by sensex. Any analysis on why the under performance against sensex?

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    1. Thanks for your very value and extremely pertinent questions. Though I haven’t performed a detailed analysis yet, a few factors does weight against my portfolio.

      1. Large exposure to IT and Pharma both of which have underperformed in the past 1 year.

      2. Nifty IT is down 4.90% over last one year and Nifty Pharma is down 4.57%

      3. Focus on a core concentrated portfolio meant that some of purchases weren’t made at the rock bottom.

      I could dig more, but now I will definitely track this on a month on month basis and benchmark how this compares with the index.


  2. I don’t think month on month is a great idea, since a month is too short a time. Even the companies release results over a quarter and hence month on month makes no sense.I feel year on year is a good comparison especially when benchmarked against sensex


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