Personality: Anna Hazare

Ok.. I am not going to speak volumes about Anna Hazare. Frankly, I may not even know as much as most of the netizens around. Wikipedia should be the right source of information about this individual.

I do intend to talk about the gesture or rather stance taken up by the individual. As humans, we all have a craving to set the society right. Our blood boils and we feel like rolling-up our sleeves and cleaning up the system. Movies like Rang De Basanti evoke such emotions and I too was a victim of the same. Thankfully, for a small period of time.

What we fail to understand is that Change is slow and deliberate process. History is a true witness to this aspect as we have seen more than once, change is effected over decades at the least. It requires conviction in one’s path and courage to walk down that path while ensuring that our integrity is not comprised, which are the true hallmarks of a leader. Gandhi was a perfect example to this aspect and another living legend would be Nelson Mandela.

What Anna Hazare has done is to implant an idea into the society. Ideas are like seeds/pollen grains and wherever the grain meets the fertile soil, a plant grows and a beautiful flower blooms. The more the flowers grow, the beautiful the locale looks. In the current context, the idea is to weed out the roots of corruption. As humans, we need to show our solidarity to the cause taken up this noble man.

Sir, you are a true leader, a rare species in the current generation of self-centered individuals. I salute your feet for being an inspiration