Book Review: NRI, Now Returned to India

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Edition: Kindle

A very wonderfully written witty yet philosophical look. This book was recommended by a close friend and I must say, this one hell of a recommendation . You can read my review here.


New Beginning

Well.. to be loved is the foremost of human’s emotions and it was overwhelming that there were a lot of comments on my blogs which I have missed last few months..

This is really bad which I hope to correct in this new year.. So, first, an apology is in order for all those whose messages were not responded for a long time. am really really SORRY..

Happy New Year, 2015 !!!

What’s new in 2015?? Well for starters, I plan to consolidate (word also used by another very good friend) my FP collection.. However, I am planning to move beyond FP and include GEL, Roller ball pens along with marketing pens from my travel across the world.

I would leave this forum open for other suggestions and recommendations on what I could cover this year. Please do drop in your thoughts and I promise to do better this time all ears !!!