German work-horse

Any connoisseur of pens would love to have something which works from the word go, is ultra-smooth, feels good in hands, has the feel and charm of a fountain pen and can be trusted over long periods of time. A pretty steep requirement for pens.. well.. there is one pen which fits the bill to the T. Presenting.. the red German work-horse..


Maker: Lamy

Model: Safari (Red) – Medium (M) Nib

Type: Fountain Pen

Packing: Simple card-board box

Writing Experience: Oh.. this is poetry in motion. One of the USPs of this pen is it’s ability to start and go even after a vacation. It just flows on paper and allows the user to just write and write and write.. and keep writing. Once started, it is very difficult to keep this pen down. The design is very ergonomic and can fit into any hand with ease. My pen has a M nib which draws some extraordinary curves and lines I have come across. Currently, this pen is filled with Lamy Turqoise Ink and man, does it write or what..

Bottom-line: This is definitely a MUST on every fountain pen lovers’ list and can be a good pen to start off with some serious writing


Red Beauty

What one uses on a daily basis is based on lot of factors, the most important of which is the feel and comfort in one’s hand. Not all pens can be daily carry pens, whereas some pens are eternal favorites. Presenting one such favorite of mine… the Red Beauty



Maker: Sheaffer

Model: Gift 300 Collection 9315 – Medium (M) Nib

Type: Fountain Pen

Packing: Gift Box

Writing Experience: The phrase “cuts through butter like a hot knife” aptly applies to this wonderful writing instrument. The writing experience is simply exemplary and flows through the paper as if the pen is waltzing over the paper. The ink flow is simply beautiful and provides an unbroken and wonderful letters on the paper. A bit heavy on the hand, sans it’s cap is a wonderful pen to write. Priced at a modest price, this is definitely one of my favorite pens.

Bottom-line: Do I even need to write one.. Of course, this is definitely a keep. Being moderately priced, this is a dream come true and is on my daily carry list.

Daily Carry Pen Cases

To carry these wonderful, exquisite and expensive instruments of writing, one needs to have a dedicated pen carry case. These are typically termed as Pen Cases or Pen Carry Cases and come in various flavors ranging from a case for a single pen to multiple pens, sometimes up to 6 pens. Not to be found very easily and not being in vogue, these cases could be hard to find. Luckily for me, I could find a good pen case in William Penn.

Imager: Image

Maker: Pennline

Model: Chamois Pen Carry Case

Packing: Gift Box

Experience: This is a very comfortable pen case to carry up to 3 pens.The pens are fully covered and when closed, the pen case is very attractive to flaunt. To remove a pen is seamless and I feel the experience depends on the clip of the pen as much as the pen case.

Bottom Line: If you love your beauties, you ought to get one of these. I compared quite a few products (mostly on eBay) and found this to be a reasonably priced product with good quality. At less than $20 price tag, this is definitely worth a buy!!