RCB : An inspirational story….

Ages have shown that story telling is inherent to human nature and forms an integral part of the human psyche. Messages and morals are communicated effectively through stories and hence, history is a living evidence that story telling is widely employed as a medium to communicate certain life lessons.

Well, I am trying to capture the story of a team, a city and a flamboyant owner as I see it. Why am I writing this? Because, in all the hullaboo of the celebrations around, one should look at the lessons left behind in this tremendous gala called IPL.

This is the story of Royal Challengers Bangalore a.k.a. RCB as seen by an unabashed fan.

As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going“. Well this couldn’t be more true as in the case of RCB. Languishing at 6th spot in the table, the team was facing potential bottom half finish and wooden spoon if not for consistent performance. Reaching the pinnacle of being 2nd in the table is the testament to the team, the leadership, the support system and overall, harnessing the potential to the maximum.

Virat Kohli’s leadership is exemplary and his consistent performance should stand as an example for the times to come. The dedication and commitment shown is inspirational, especially considering that he has 9 stitches on his left hand webbing. I am not gonna go gaga over VK as there are better pundits and experts to comment about it.

But this the RCB saga. “Major on majors, Minor on Minors” was the mantra shared by the CEO of a startup I worked in almost a decade ago. Nothing could have been a better example than RCB’s resurgence from the dead this year. Harnessing their batting to the maximum, they have risen in the table on the back of some solid performances across the spectrum from their batting arsenal.

Not that the bowling is far behind, considering that 2 of the top wicket takers are from RCB. When both batting and bowling get going, it is pure JUICE… (P.S.: Watch Million Dollar Arm to know what’s juice :))

Coming out to the field and consistently applying their skills day in and day out has taken the team to the zenith it has reached. The finals await and all RCB fans are praying that we should be third time lucky.

As a fan, I am very proud of my team, with their application, their dedication and their progress in the latter half of the tournament. Obituaries and Memes were floating around when the team was down 6th. However, excellent performances have converted the most hardest of critics into fans of this great team.

As a city which loves cricket and supports all teams equally, I guess RCB has given us a lot to be proud about. I am sure in the days to come, the reason called RCB will leave a warm glow in our hearts.

RCB was the brain child of one of the most famous and flamboyant businessmen from Bangalore. He has been in the news for the wrong reasons and I am not saying that this should be reason to empathize with him. As a shareholder, I can feel the pain of losses and as an investor, I have my own perspectives of what is unravelling.

However, what is commendable is that the team is able to shut out the noise around them from this business angle and focus on their core strength i.e. Cricket. Human nature is to be a victim and RCB could have gone completely into this vicious negative cycle. However, Kudos to the team management to isolate the team from this noise and deliver to their potential and come out winners in life..

The finals beckon.. Prayers are reaching a crescendo.. Prayers galore for one night without rain…

Let the games begin.. let the best team win…

Let’s celebrate the reason called RCB as they are the true champions !!!


Mutual Fund Portfolio: May 15 2016

Continuing from the other updates on stocks, I would like to present my current mutual fund portfolio.I have added 2 new funds into my list viz., HDFC Balanced Fund and ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund as the vehicles to build up my retirement corpus. Till the end of last financial year, we were investing into VPF.

However, with the given confusions and subsequent signals from different authorities, I felt it was best to be invested into equities and manage my risks than to depend on VPF which may get taxed at later point of time or requires one to take annuity.

Given this situation, we decided to invest our VPF contribution into these mutual funds as part of retirement planning.

Without much further ado, presenting the updated MF portfolios:


  • Axis Long Term Equity Fund 9.38%
  • Franklin India Prima Plus 9.22%
  • Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund 3.18%
  • HDFC Balanced Fund 3.58%
  • ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Fund 18.88%
  • IDFC Premier Equity Fund 21.93%
  • PPFAS Long Term Value fund 5.56%


  • HDFC Mid-cap Opportunities Fund 2.70%
  • Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund 4.29%
  • Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 4.29%
  • Tata Balanced 14.93%
  • ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund 2.07%

Feedback/thoughts/suggestions are most welcome

Stocks Portfolio: May 15, 2016

Well, it has been sometime since I last blogged about my stocks portfolio. In this time gap, multiple IPOs have hit the market, which have been bumper issues, both in terms of subscription and subsequent listing. I was lucky enough to get allocation in only one of them, but at least one I got right.

I did rejig my portfolio to add onto my current positions and added a new counter Caplin Labs, something I was waiting to do for some time. Along with this investment, I finally managed to buy some stocks of Aurobindo Pharma, something I was waiting for sometime to add. This is one stock which I am very bullish about and shall be adding more in days to come.  This rejig meant I sold some of my existing investments in Indag Rubber, Sharda Cropchem and skewed my percentages a little, but I am still trying to be true to older philosophy.

Without much further ado, this is my current stock portfolio: