Mid Year Appraisal..How are we doing..

Human brain is a very funny thing. It always requires affirmative bias to prop up the confidence and provide a comfort feeling. However, in matters of life and finance, one needs to be very objective and critical of one’s own fiscal health. With this objective, I am embarking on a self appraisal of my portfolio and goals with some new additional data included.

In my earlier post last December, I had shared the evolution of my portfolio from last 3 years. This year’s first 5.5 months have been mainly focused on streamlining investments and moving towards achieving a balance in the portfolio. The latest portfolio distribution is as below:



As one can observe, the portion of equities has increased as I have focused more on MF and Direct Equity investments. Of course,  the Provident Fund (PF) portfolio has an uplift due to VPF, but expect our equity investments to start increasing in share. Overall, we are on our way to achieving the balance amongst assets. I expect the balance to be around 50: 20: 20: 10 for Equities: PF: Immovable Assets: Rest in future.

Next comes the goals review. Again, in my December’s post, I had shared the barometers of various goals. The latest update for the goals is as below. I have also shared the internal break-up / make-up for each of the goals. Please note that Retirement has a large debt contribution due to PFs.



Overall, the plans are well and truly in motion. The main point of focus is to ensure that the contributions continue. I have some new strategies that I am trying which I will outline tomorrow in a separate post.

Suggestions / Feedback /  Comments most appreciated


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